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New corporate identity


To connect the will to the future ahead ...

The birth of the earth is about 4.6 billion years ago,
and the first life is thought to have been born in the sea about 600 million years later.
If it is correct, It is not a coincidence that the ratio of the mineral constituents of the human serum
and seawater is very similar,
and that the ratio of the water that occupies the surface of the earth to that of the human body is close. we cannot help feeling the connection between the soul and the body somewhere.
People are supported and lived by the connections and resources of the various lifes that exist on the earth.
Because there is the earth, all lifes and resources exist,
so to speak, the future of human beings and the earth is one.

Do you remember the mind to consider, appreciate, care for Mother Earth?

It is our mission now that we are grateful to the earth so far and reuse the limited resources carefully
and connect it to the future one hundred years ahead or even further.

"Now is the time to give back to the earth"

Based on this philosophy,
ISONO aims to become a 100-year company.

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Behavioral principles

Let's improve our lives with our work,
make a better ISONO group, contribute to society

Respect for human nature

We appreciate being born as a human being and we will also create a corporate climate that enhances creativity and teamwork so that we can enrich the material or spiritual aspects of our employees.

Customer satisfaction

Based on the basics, we will improve technologies that can contribute to the environment. Customer's pleasure leads to satisfying us and we provide attractive products and services.

Level up of our company and social coexistence

We will improve and buildup our constitution of enterprise, carry out business activities rooted in the region, and then contribute to the development of local communities including overseas.

Growth of individuals and companies

"Human ability is infinite" ─ There is no difficulty that can not be overcome.
we will challenge bravely and overcome it.

Practice of environmental management

We are deeply anxious about the deterioration of the global environment and we actively carry out environmental actions through EMS.

CSR activities

We will realize that the corporate activities of "ISONO Corporation" itself will lead to
social responsibility and strive to contribute to society.

Improve customer satisfaction

We offer products that can meet a wide range of customers' various needs.

Coexistence with local communities

We comply with laws and regulations and are promoting social contribution as a member of the local society.

Provide reliable and safe recycled materials

We provide recycled materials that are less burdened by the environment and that can be used reliable and safely.

Respect for human rights

Respect fundamental human rights, aim to create a workplace that is easy to work, and that enables each employee to demonstrate his or her power.

Improvement of corporate governance

We aim to improve corporate governance through fair business activities.

Approach to environmental preservation

We are working on environmental conservation through plastic recycling.

Vaccine support for children in the world

We support vaccines for "children in the world" through collecting pet bottle caps.