PET bottle cap recycling businessPET BOTTLE CAP RECYCLING

WEBで工場見学みんなが集めたペットボトルのキャップはどうなるのかな?We will introduce the process that the collected pet bottle cap is
regenerated,with contents that are easy to understand for children.
Come on,let's go to the factory tour!

What happens to the plastic bottle cap that everyone collected?

The pet bottle cap that everyone gathered is helping to give vaccines to children in developing countries.
The cap that everyone brought is reborn in our factory, to automobile parts and flower pots.

Then, how the pet bottle cap will be reborn,
Come on,let's go and see ISONO Factory!

There are so many the pet bottle cap collected by everyone's hands!If you sort it firmly and put it out for recycling, plastics that will be garbage when thrown away can also be reborn as a valuable resource.

The pet bottle cap that we received arrives first at the factory and then it gets disjointed once using a machine called pulverizer. It's amazing power.

Next, in order to make the various colors evenly mixed,put a small-sized pet bottle cap in a huge tank and swing round.

Next, melt it thick with high heat, extrude thin like a thread, cool it with water and solidify it, then cut it to about 3 mm length. It is called pellet.

Thus, again the plastic that was restored as a material is used not only for flowerpots and chair backrests, but also for parts of cars!
Also, by buying a vaccine with the money that sold the cap, we are helping to protect the children of the world from diseases. For details, see the "Love Cap Committee's Homepage"

Since reuse of plastics is friendly to the earth,
please continue to cooperate from now on.