"Car to Car" plastic recycling businessCAR TO CAR PLASTIC RECYCLING

リサイクル事業を通じて地球の資源を守ります。Car_to_Car プラスチックリサイクル事業

In order to protect the future earth,
ISONO is challenging in cooperation with car manufacturers, dismantlers, grinding mills.

Outline of this project

We are constructing a mechanism to remove polypropylene (PP) parts and recycle pellets that can be used for car parts by cooperating with car manufacturers, dismantlers, grinding mills and others.
By doing so, we contribute not only to reduction of CO2 but also to material recycling from ELV (End-of-Life Vehicle).

ISONOから自動車部品メーカー、自動車メーカー、消費者、解体業者を経由し再びISONOへ戻るCar_to_Car プラスチックリサイクル事業

Product introduction