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Flow of delivery

 ISONO always develops materials that clear the functions and added values required for final products and conditions and problems of production processes. At its root, there is a coexistence spirit of making products with users. we will prepare materials based on customer's needs,so try making a prototype by yourself. And then, we will identify the problems in the production process and defects after the product and conduct research and development of materials again.



Our sales representatives will visit directly to the customer, listen carefully to demands on the final product, and communicate the information to the company.
If you are interested in seeing the business contents of this website and each product information, please feel free to contact us from the telephone or the inquiry form.


Consideration and design of material compounding

The engineering department will consider the optimum compounding that meets your needs.


Production of prototype material

We will submit to you the prototype materials made based on the recipe created by the Engineering Department. It is also possible to present a physical property table.


Material approval

If you are satisfied with our product, we will process material approval such as exchange of product specification.


Material approval

If you are satisfied with our products, we will process materials approval such as exchange of product specifications.


Mass production

We will begin mass production based on the recipe created in the above process.


Quality control

We will strive to maintain and improve the quality of our products with a system of quality control facilities and traceability (also carrying out management of environmental load substances).

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