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Message from the President

いその株式会社 代表挨拶

Now for the future of the earth.
We can use recycling technology that has been accumulated ahead of the times.

  Since its founding in 1957, ISONO has been working as a recycler specializing in plastics, ahead of the industry, and constantly making effective use of resources and preserving the environment.

 Due to the nature of petroleum-based materials and the nature of recycling business, its history has always been moved by the wave of the times.
After the two oil shocks of the 1970s, scenes struggled many times, but thanks to the adoption of the "Kyoto Protocol" in Japan in 1997, we can find a silver lining did it.

 The branch point of environmental problems is that at the same time, the technologies and know-how of recycled plastics that have been accumulating, refining and enhancing each day by ISONO have greatly contributed to the reduction of CO 2 emissions resulting in global warming It was a moment when I was convinced that it would be an important key to support the future.

 Additionally, in 2015, the "Paris Agreement" was adopted at the 21st Conference of Parties to the Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 21), and following the entry into effect the following year, all 196 countries and regions around the world will participate after 2020 New international rules on global warming countermeasures were established.
 In the future, each country is forced to further accelerate the movement towards the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2 emissions.

 60 years since foundation. For the future of the earth's environment.

 Once, there was prejudice that plastic is garbage and regeneration is difficult. For that reason, ISONO has not been afraid to advance to the unexplored area where nobody tried to step in, and has pursued its own production processing technology.
That's why ISONO has a mission.

 With the phrase "Returning the favor to the earth" as its management philosophy,we are aiming to be a company that can contribute to global environmental preservation widely as well as Japan through high-quality recycled plastics recognized by the top manufacturers of the automobile industry.
While growing with our employees, we will continue our efforts and challenge.

Masayuki Isono
Representative Director and President